Thank you and the Barkann Foundation so much for your attention and thoughtfulness in assisting with (S) and her family. I know they truly appreciate it and we, as a Poquessing family, appreciate it greatly as well. You’ve provided a chance for this family to regain its footing – while (and here’s the important part) staying together in the process. They were facing the very real possibility of being scattered throughout the region, staying with various relatives. Instead, they will remain intact as a loving family and move through this transition together.

Grant Passman

Poquessing Guidance Counselor, Neshaminy School District

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Campbell Family

To The Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation, 

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank the Members of the Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation and all it’s supporters. Through your generosity, we have been able to make a positive impact in the difficult life of Mr. Ricci Campbell.

Being diagnosed with cervical stenosis after a bad fall and having Parkinson’s disease, Mr. Campbell knows what it’s like to live with serious illness. He’s been in a wheelchair now for close to 25 years.

Through the years his motorized wheelchair has experienced many mechanical issues and he has struggled to get a new wheelchair from Medicare. With your help, we have provided Mr. Campbell with the needed funds to get his wheelchair properly fixed so he can continue to get around and live his best life under unfortunate circumstances. 

On behalf of Ricci Campbell , thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your assistance in this matter and for making his life so much more brighter! 

Keep Up The Great Work!

Fondly, Ryan Hannigan

Earp Family

Good morning Mr. Barkann,

I pray that this email finds you and your family well.  I am sending this communication to personally thank you and your family for the gift of Healing our Hearts. Our family has been experiencing quite a bit of challenges and hardship and your gift was greatly appreciated. It most certainly assisted us  during this very difficult time in our lives. What your foundation is providing to families is quite commendable and may you all receive the many blessings due to you. Again, our gratitude is extended to you and your foundation families. Our prayers are with you and we wish you the very best.

Best regards,
Attia Earp

Halloway Family

To The Barkann Foundation, Ellen, Michael, Matthew and Emily Barkann, Mike and Heather Barnes and The Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation

My name is Joylyn Miller and I want to start off letting your foundation know that I received the $1000.00 donation on behalf of my daughter Damhar Holloway and family. Your letter indicated this was to help my family and I during this very difficult time. This has been so so very helpful. I was able to purchase a low loft bed and dresser for Damhar. I also paid some bills and brought some food. You have surely made a huge difference in our lives in the most positive and helpful way.

I’ve written and rewritten this letter several times. I have been on a spiritual journey/mission to make my daughters proud of me before I leave this Earth. In which I pray it will be 50 more years.

My daughters and I have taken on a major project in our lives. We have written and we are currently working on a children’s feel-good, picture book. Damhar my 8-year-old and myself wrote the story and Kerra my 24-year-old is handling the Illustrations.

I have submitted our book to some agents. One agent has denied my request for representation. I’m still waiting to hear back from others agents. This broke my heart but I know I need to have thicker skin. I’ve been told there will be many no’s but all I need is one yes.

I will continue my quest to inspire my girls and one day even own a beautiful home of our dreams. At 51 years of age, I will not give up.

With this donation that you’ve given us the fire that I possess has gotten stronger and hotter. I am definitely at a crossroads in my life. I guess better late than never.

With miles of gratitude. Thank you so very much.

Joylyn Miller and  Damhar Holloway

Carolyn F. Bonelli
To The Barkann Healing Hearts Family,

Just want to say thank you for caring enough to bring a little sunshine into Larry Riley’s Life. He is a 67 year old Army Veteran that was diagnosed with throat cancer 1 month ago.

He had to have a feeding tube put in as he is unable to eat normally and has lost over 20 pounds. He needs his weight built back up so his body can withstand the upcoming chemo and radiation he will have to endure.

He has to make the decision to either have his voice box taken completely out then radiation and chemo with only a 50/50 of it being successful or not having the surgery and taking chemo and radiation and his chances of success are even slimmer.

He wanted to go to Fox Chase to get a second opinion, but the Veterans Administration denied it and said the second opinion would have to be within their network and they wouldn’t approve or pay for him to have a second opinion.

I took a chance by emailing you for these tickets. I was really surprised that your response was so quick. Mike, you have been friendly and very helpful.

Larry loves and supports all Philadelphia teams and LOVES all sports. Our living room is a shrine. I wanted to do something special for him to help lift his spirits and let him get out of this major life crisis he is facing, even if its only for a couple of hours. He loves the Sixers and has been supporting them for years.

I thought it only appropriate, to at least try to get him tix for this important game as this could be his last season being here with us to watch them. What an awesome experience it will be for him to be in the arena when the Sixers take the Playoffs.

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for all you are doing for Larry. My brother in law, Fred Ferrell will be going with Larry and he is equally excited.

Larry’s spirits are very high today, just with the anticipation of attending tomorrow nights game and its all because of you. Thank you Mike and the Barkann Foundation.

I cant tell you how much this means to me, to be able to bring some happiness in Larry’s life. Its nice to know that there actually are still kind people in this cruel world that care about others. You are truly appreciated.


Carolyn F. Bonelli

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