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Ellen Barkann

Susan Barkann
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Emily Barkann

Hank Altschuler

Mike Barnes
Executive Director

Michael Barkann
Matthew Barkann
Mark Maggi
Joel Rosenberg
Ed Wallace
Pat Waters
Joseph Coopersmith



The Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation is setting out to accomplish exactly what it’s name implies—to help heal the hearts of families across the Delaware Valley whose hearts have been broken by the sudden illness or sudden loss of life of a loved one. 

While we recognize that we cannot provide a cure or change a tragic outcome, what we know we can do is provide support and help to ease the immediate financial burden that these tragic situations leave in their wake. Our financial support can allow a parent to skip work to stay at the hospital with their child, or a spouse who has lost their partner to stay home with their children to begin the healing process.

I was born and raised in this area. Michael and I met here, were married here, and after five wonderful years in Boston, were lucky enough to have the opportunity with the start of Comcast SportsNet, to come back here fifteen years ago, to raise our family near our families. During those years, we were involved with countless charities throughout the area, all of which are wonderful charities to this day. Those experiences developed in me a passion for helping those who are struggling and gave me an understanding of what it takes to do that.

Five years ago, my wonderful friend and colleague, Mark Maggi and I started a golf outing together. After each golf outing, Mark and I would discuss how wonderful it would be to have a Foundation for the money we raised to be given to families that we personally knew, or knew of, in our communities who were suffering. We discussed what a difference we—two people—could make in a family’s life with just one event.

That discussion has now become a reality, but it is not just one event anymore and it’s no longer just two people. Our hope is to grow this Foundation to the point where we can be the first responders to families who are in desperate need of immediate financial help. Not only do we plan to support the families of every police officer and fireman who loses their life in the line of duty, but also everyday families who are suffering through a tragedy.

Michael and I have been blessed with a wonderful family of our own, as well as wonderful friends, many of whom we have called upon to sit on our board and our advisory board to help us with our mission.

Please join us with your family, as our families, help other families.

Thank you.

The Barkann Family
The Altschuler Family
The Barnes Family
The Maggi Family
The Rosenberg Family
The Wallace Family
The Waters Family
The Coopersmith Family

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