SEANstrong Broad Street Run 2014


The Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation is honored to join the Hogan and Reilly Families to keep the spirit and memory of Sean Hogan alive through Team SEANstrong!

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Hogan FamilySean Francis Hogan Sr. is the definition of the word “Strength.” The strength of his personality would light up a room, his physical strength by his work as a firefighter, his emotional strength shone through his love for his friends, for me and for our children Sean Jr. and Faith. Today we, Team SEANstrong and The Barkann Family’s Healing Hearts Foundation, are emboldened by Sean’s strength and will keep his name and his memory alive! We will not only run the Broad Street run together, but will join the battle against the cancer that took Sean from us.

Sean and I partnered with the physicians at Thomas Jefferson University and together we fought against his bile duct cancer called cholangiocarcinoma. Dr. David Loren, a leader in cholangiocarcinoma treatment, kept Sean’s and my hope alive through innovative and aggressive endoscopic laser treatments (called PDT) to kill his tumor and keep his liver functioning. Sean fought through 6 of these procedures along with numerous chemotherapy and 28 radiation treatments. Through all this he remained steadfast in his goals to beat his cancer. Sean approached everyone and every day with purpose and a sense of humor. When he did undergo the surgery for the cancer, the laser treatments had worked and had destroyed the tumor. Dr. Loren let me know that Sean is one of only eight people to ever undergo this treatment and make it to surgery. When Sean did not recover from his surgery, tears were shed by his family and friends here, and also by his friends at Jefferson. Everyone at Jefferson was rooting for us from diagnosis and the medical professionals were deeply saddened by Sean’s death.

Most people are inoperable at the time when cholangiocarcinoma is diagnosed, and the average survival rate is one year after diagnosis. This has to change! Together Team SEANstrong will raise money to support Dr. Loren’s research in his fight against this terrible disease by continuing to innovate and develop new therapies. Our doctors no longer have the support of generous government funding, and Dr. Loren pursues his research independently through the generosity of donors like us. Additionally, we will establish an annual conference in Sean’s memory that will bring together researchers and thought leaders and will bring pride and honor to Sean, me and our children knowing that his legacy is alive and kicking.

Most of all, the goal of Team SEANstrong is to inspire others to push themselves to reach a goal they may not have thought they could attain. Sean lived life with intensity, especially in his fight against cancer. Many of our runners are doing Broad Street for the first time this year demonstrating that even through horrific tragedies we can inspire others to reach goals, to endure and persevere to attain what seems unattainable, the way Sean did. This year Team SEANstrong and the Barkann’s Foundation called “Healing Hearts” is helping to heal my heart! Please join us in honoring Sean and make a difference!!

Patty Anne Hogan

Click here to read “Running to Beat Bile Duct Cancer” by Josh Goldstein on

Click here to read ‘A Family of Strength’ by William Kenny on the

Funds raised by Team SEANstrong will be used to keep Sean’s name alive and will continue to provide families battling bile duct cancer with financial assistance and resources to help them cope with the same battle that Sean faced.

  1. Funds to be provided to Dr. David Loren for biliary research.
  2. Funds will be allocated for an annual seminar on bile duct cancer in Sean’s name.

Post-Run Reception will be held at McFadden’s Ballpark. Beer and food will be provided for Team SEANstrong.


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